I actually fucking hate the internet and how I’m on my summer holidays and have nothing to fucking do and this cheesecake vegan stuff seems pointless because I’m just wasting money. I also want to go to womad but I don’t know anyone going and I need an adult. Ffs I should’ve just got a job

atlantic-forest said: Hi I just found you on unknowntunes like five minutes ago. you have a lovely voice and give off a good impression with your blog yanno? keep doing what ever youre doing because it seems to be working for ya. Hope this isnt weird & wishing ya the best

Aaaah no this isn’t weird at all it’s lovely! Thank you so much :)

I really do miss not being diabetic, being able to snack and never having to constantly think of how everything will effect my blood sugar..


Artist #9 by UnknownTunes.

Hannah Willwood, a 16 year old musician, singer and songwriter from Wales.

Hannah has been singing, playing guitar and uploading music online since she was 12 and hopes to build a fan base and get the opportunity to travel and perform in the near future. So far she has only performed in local cafes and open mics (which have been successful). Her inspirations include Laura Marling, Gabrielle Aplin, Jonni Mitchell, Passenger, Jack Johnson, and many more.

So far, this summer Hannah will be performing at a sports event in North Wales with potentially several thousand people there, and will be attending a singing workshop in London. She says, “To anyone who clicks onto my music and either simply listens/likes/shares will be supporting me and I am very grateful!”

Hannah has a very soft, delicate and organic sound. I would say a sort of mixture of birdy and passenger, but with her own originality and pure passion. What more could you ask for? Such a beautiful sound.

Check out Hannah’s social-networks for more of her work;
Soundcloud | Facebook | Tumblr

* All this (excluding the last paragraph) was beautifully written by Hannah herself, and was slightly edited into 3rd person for the purpose of this blog.

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